16 Marvelous Muppets Fan Art Mashups

The Muppets are Back! More than 12 years since their last big-screen appearance, on November 23, The Muppetswill have it’s big wide-screen opening after already featuring in several select location these past few months. The reviews? Great. Not a lot of people know, but with anything going on with pop-geek culture in recent years, social media had a lot to do with it.

Yes, a franchise that was created way way back in the mid 1950s needed a revival of sorts, and there’s no place better than the internet with some amazing fan art to push forgotten icons back into the headlines.

X-Men Muppets

Animal fits Wolverine perfectly, but Beaker as Cyclops just doesn’t feel right.

Kermit, God of Thunder

I love Gonzo as Loki so much. Maybe he’ll have a cameo in the next Avengers Film.

Kermit and Miss Piggy as Indiana Jones and … Miss Piggy

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Muppets Meet Sherlock Holmes

Fozzie Bear and Gonzo would make the worst detective pairing in history.

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The Muppit

Maybe the most anticipated movie coming out in 2012 is Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, a Prequel to Lord of the Rings.

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Star Wars & Muppets

Nothings gets a geek happier than Star Wars. Maybe Muppets & Star Wars?

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My favorite art-work in all this gallery, Kermit hanging out with Yoda.

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A Game of Muppets

HBO released footage from what’s been going on the set of the second season of A Game of Thrones, based on the A Clash of Kings book. As Muppets tend to be involved with anything relevant in the Geek-Universe, you had to see this Mediaval Mash-up Coming.

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Who is Cooler – Kermit as Superman or Miss Piggy as Wonder Woman?

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Batman and “Friends”

Muppets make bad superheroes, but even worse villains.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I think the movie would have done better if Kermit would have been in it.

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Samurai Muppets

I’ve never seen the gang look any cooler.

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How Pulp Fiction Should Have Been Cast

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Last, but Certainly Not Least, The Creation of Adam, With a Muppet Touch