Left 4 Dead Goes 8-Bit

Nothing spells love for a company like a nice tribute in 8-bit, and this last decade Valve has been nothing but deserving of this. By creating awesome games like Team Fortress 2, Portal, the Half-Life series and Left 4 Dead (which we’ll talk about in a minute), plus creating the Steam service (“the iTunes of video games”) with its crazy sales (just recently, you could get Amnesia for 4 dollars, tax free), Valve won all kinds of gamers over.

Valve is relatively new in the industry compared to Nintendo or EA, and most of their hits came out in the last 10-15 years, but what would their games have been like, if they had come out on the NES? Eric Ruth tried to answer this question recreating the zombie-shooting madness that is the Left 4 Dead series.


Now, a lot of things changed in the transition from modern 3-D game to classic 8-bit madness: the game went from FPS to a view from above, alla Metal Gear or any classic shooter by Konami. Also, the game looks like it has a lot of more emphasis in dodging the attacks than surviving the hordes (hey, you still have to shoot at everything that moves, anyways).

Being that Valve doesn’t know how to count to 3 (ask any Half-Life fan about Half-Life 3, or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and see how they weep), maybe learning to count to zero and create retro prequels is the future. No? No. In any case, congratulations to Eric Ruth for this fantastic tribute to the series which gives a spin to the game we’ve known and loved for a while now. We sooo hope he does Team Fortress 2, next, we can’t wait to see those hats in 8 bits.

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