Superheroines as Magazine Covers Fashionistas

A Superhero magazine is usually something that involves comic books, but if you’re living in Metropolis, a Justice Magazine using Superheroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary and others for their cover girls sounds like a great idea to make money.

Wonder Woman – Justice Glamour

Wonder Woman Magazine Cover

You have to look good to fight crime, unless you live in real life, in which case, just wearing cop uniform should be enough.

Supergirl – Heroine Uncaped

Supergirl Cover

It’s a bit chilly when you’re flying so high in the air, but maybe there’s something about being Kryptonian that makes you immune to winds at 20,000 feet.

Black Canary – Making Waves

Black Canary

I’m not sure why she needs a megaphone for, but whatever. On a sidenote, i’d love to see her and Black Bolt dueling it out, although a fight between DC and Marvel characters is a bit like Golden Boy fighters taking on Top Rank’s, if you know a little bit about boxing. Thankfully, there’s fan art to rely upon.

Catwoman – Purrfect Woman


This edition seems to be about how to rob the houses of rich folk in Gotham. Comes in handy with people like Bruce Wayne living in your neighborhood.

The drawings were made by Artgerm, who goes by his real name of Stanley Lau. He promised there should be more of these coming up soon. In the meantime, why don’t you check out these Superheroines fighting breast cancer, or this bunch of Female Superheroes, fully clothed for once.