Super Heroines Fight Crime And Breast Cancer

When it comes to diseases, awareness matters as much as treatment, and this campaign is sure to be a hit amongst the geeky community.

She-Hulk Breast Cancer Awareness

An amazing series of ads were drawn by Maisa Chaves for DDB Mozambique to raise awareness on the topic of breast cancer and self examination amongst young women. The campaign consists of four ads featuring some of the most well known female heroes of DC Comics and Marvel Comics, including She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Storm and Catwoman.

She-Hulk makes a lot of sense for this type of add, as she has radioactive blood running through her veins. Who knows what’s going on inside her, anyways? Also, we wonder, who exactly is her doctor?

Wonder Woman Breast Cancer Awareness

Wonder Woman is probably the most well-known female hero in comic history and an icon amongst women all ages, so we can imagine how the character was an easy choice for this campaign. The ad reads “no one is immune to breast cancer”. Not even an Amazonian Princess? Well, damn, now we know!

Storm Breast Cancer Awareness

The idea behind the campaign remains that it doesn’t matter how special or what your super-power is, you have to do your monthly auto-examination. Controlling climate like Storm, the most iconic X-woman on the X-men series, doesn’t exempt you from it either.

Catwoman Breast Cancer Awareness

At times villain and at times heroine, Selina Kyle (more known by her alias, Catwoman) stars the final piece of the campaign. In the poster, she urges readers to “Fight with us against this enemy and, when in doubt, talk with your doctor.” No moral conflict there, ladies and gents.

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