Female Superheroes Fully-Clothed For Once

For obvious reasons, the main one being that the comic book writing/coloring/creating business is another male dominated spectrum of life, Super heroines don’t get to wear too much clothing, while all being extremely curvy and sexy (by coincidence), despite the need to be in something a little bit more comfortable while wearing crime.

Most of the time, it looks a little bit like this –

Supergirl vs Powergirl

Some people, even the males among us, have had enough. So Artist Michael Lunsford, not pushing any moral code, decided to do a few tweaks and fixes on some of the more popular characters, giving them a more suitable fighting attire, which looks pretty good in its full-clothed version.

Super Girl


Usually, that skirt she wears for no reason is quite distracting. It’s probably a lot better flying around without the wind actually bothering you.

Power Girl


Power Girl has the most famous cleavage in the comic book business, and might actually feel a little more comfortable without villains and fellow superheroes staring at her boobs.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Every time someone tries to make a costume change for Wonder Woman, it brings a lot of controversy along with it. This one might not the be the most pretty makeover ever, but it sure looks a lot more comfortable to fight evil with.



Actually looking like an assassin for once is probably good for business.



And the fully-clothed version of her looks a lot more bad-ass than how she’s usually (not) dressed.

If you still prefer you comic books females in minimal clothing, these artworks might be a bit more to your liking.