SuperTooth Crystal Car Speakerphone – Just Snap and Drive

The SuperTooth Crystal is a smart Bluetooth car speakerphone which links wirelessly to your smartphone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving. We all know now that driving without a speakerphone in our cars can be dangerous and distracting, and that is why having a good car speakerphone device can be extremely important. It will allow you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

The SuperTooth Crystal Car Speakerphone is a very easy to operate bluetooth product. Usually you need to play with the settings, pair the device and do some more complicated actions but with The SuperTooth Crystal’s fully automatic pairing it’s extremely easy. The SuperTooth Crystal will automatically reconnect to your phone. You can even connect two device at once, and you don’t need to turn it on/off every time you are going in and out of the car. The SuperTooth Crystal will automatically recognize your phone once you are close enough and the connections will be automatic. If you worry about battery capacity, don’t, there is  no need to turn it off and on since this little gizmo has a super powerful battery which will last for 40 days! (20 hours of hands-free talk time) before you’ll need to recharge it.


SuperTooth Crystal car gadget

This ultra sleek, stylish and slim design works wonderfully when it comes to making your drive more safe. It works great with GPS apps, attached to car’s sun visor via a durable, magnetic clip, and allows for instant hands-free calling from any type of vehicle. It also supports voice recognition dialing for phones equipped with this feature, too. The price is totally affordable, since this cool device retails for just  $69. it comes in 3 beautiful colors (see image below). The SuperTooth Crystal supports Bluetooth A2DP, so you can use it to stream music directly from your phone.

SuperTooth Crystal

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