Sweetest Star Wars Han Solo & Princess Leia Cake Wedding Toppers

Star Wars is known for its robots, space ships, lovable characters, troops and the endless battle between the light side and the dark side of the Force. It is also one of the most influential movie series ever made, that shows us that love has no boundaries and can last a lifetime. I’m talking of course about Han Solo & Princess Leia’s ongoing romance, one of the most iconic cinematic couples.

If you are planning a June wedding and love Star Wars you’re going to love this next post.  There’s nothing like celebrating your endless love with a Star Wars twist. It doesn’t mean you need to transform your whole wedding to a Star Wars themed wedding (though it’s kind of cool). But if you do want to show off your love for this epic movie on your wedding day, a modern and very chic way of doing it is placing a Star Wars topper on your wedding cake, making your cake the talk of the day. The toppers can be a great hit also on bachelorette/ bachelor parties, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinners. Below we gathered some of the best ones out there; enjoy and congrats!

Fondant Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper

This Fondant Cake Topper Bride and Groom in Star Wars Style! Cute and Whimsical, perfect for a wedding or bridal shower.

Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers – Crochet Han & Leia

This wedding topper includes Han Solo, Princess Leia and one cute heart. The Bride and Groom are about 8 cm tall and are 100% Crochet.

Princess Leia & Han Solo Bobbleheads

This custom wedding cake topper will mash-up the faces of the bride and groom as Princess Leia and Han Solo. the figures are made of polymer clay so you can keep it for a lifetime.

Princess Leia and Han Solo Cake Topper – Clay

This cute couple is made out of polymer clay and acrylic paint. Both Leia and Han look super cute and happy, and Leia is holding a white bouquet to celebrate the joyful event.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper – Star Wars Kissing Couple Up Style

This cute topper is a unique design of movie character topper that will make your wedding cake more special. This topper was inspired by the James Hance’s artwork. The design combines Star Wars love birds with Up characters.

Hans Solo & Princess Leia Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

This topper for me is the best one. The custom sculpted topper is made using your submitted photos to look just like the bride and groom.This can be a fantastic gift for a wedding dinner rehearsal or even for an engagement party.

Han Solo and Leia Star Wars LEGO Style Cake Topper

This Lego Star Wars cake topper is rocking all of the couple’s trademarks. Leia wears her signature flowing white dress and Swirly Hair Braids while Han is showing off his traditional black vest and suave hair.

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