The Cutest Star Wars Nursery Bedding Ideas

Are you a Star Wars fan? Are you expecting a baby? If you said yes to both questions, this post is perfect for you.

The force will be strong with your little one if you cover him or her with an R2-D2 or a BB-8 Blanket. Showing off your love for Star Wars can be done easily by getting your baby cute and super cool Star Wars beddings. Get your baby what is truly one of the coolest things a geeky baby can get.  Sometimes a small and well designed product can do a lot. These sheets are perfect if you are trying to put together a Star Wars-themed nursery, but don’t want to spend so much.

Darth Vader Star Wars Fur Blanket

This blanket will keep your baby all snuggled and warm. With a creative Darth Vader print on one side and a furry texture on the other, this blanket is perfect for those cold winter nights.

Star Wars Minky BB-8 Blanket

This cuddly and adorable blanket can be a great gift for a baby shower. On the front side you have a BB-8 pattern, and on the back a soft orange dot-Minky fabric that you can embroider on.

This Star Wars Quilt was carefully crafted using natural fabrics. The prints on this blankets are both the star wars logo along with some cool blueprints of the ships you’ll encounter in the Star Wars universe, like the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Baby Bedding

This hand made quilt is made out of Minky fabric which means it’s durable, high quality and warm. The quilt features a Star Wars characters in baby images, which make is super adorable and fun.

After getting a cool Star Wars blanket, you will need a fresh sheet to seal the deal and complete the full Star Wars bed-theme nursery. One of these cool sheets will surely do the trick, making your baby’s bed even more fabulous.

Star Wars Stormtroopers Crib Sheet

You can get this brilliant Star Wars Stormtroopers sheet here. Evilness of the empire not included. That’s up to your kid.

STAR WARS C-3PO & R2-D2 Sugar Skull Fitted Sheet

Let your favorite Star Wars droids add some chic to your baby’s crib. You can get this sheet here.

Star Wars Crib Sheet

This sheet is a Star Wars The Force Awakens themed one. The sheet features icon badges or the loveable characters from the movie that re-launched the franchise. 

Star Wars Baby Bedding Sheets Neon Lights Style

A sheet that is rocking the Star Wars logo and lightsabers with something of a Neon-sign vibe to it.

To complete your Star War nursery theme you’ll need a few more things: A Star Wars baby mobile can be a great addition to your room’s decor. Pillow cases are always welcome when it comes to decorating a nursery, and to finish the look you’ll need some wall art, prints are a fun and easy way to spread some Star Wars magic in your nursery. Check out also our  11 Adorable Star Wars Nursery Prints and  10 Cool Star Wars Pillow Cases and 15 Best Geeky Baby Mobiles For Your Nursery.