It’s a Star Wars Wedding

You could spot the entire group of Star Wars characters here but not a single sign of war was seen. On the contrary, this was an auspicious occasion where there was fun and frolic and merriment. There were no heroes and no villains but only friends. This was the Star Wars theme-based marriage ceremony of Dale and Nadia.

Star Wars has its enormous fan following that exists across borders. Everyone has his/her way of expressing love for this all time favorite movie saga. One such couple was Dale and Nadia from Australia who let all strings loose. For their marriage they decided to have a theme party and based on the Star Wars. Unlike many theme parties this was not limited to just having a customized cake and decorations. They went way beyond all this and got a complete Star Wars atmosphere created.

To get the perfect Star Wars setting and feel, a number of arrangements were made. The 501st legion acted as the guard of honor. An R2-D2 projector was brought over to act as the ring bearer. This projector had its fun element as it had this issue of ‘screaming’ every meter it moved. All tables had planets painted from the Star Wars galaxy. The stormtroopers’ arrival was matched with the John Williams’ score. The Princess Leia flower girls came in with Across the Stars love theme. The bride and bridegroom too had their themes set. Darth Vader for the groom and Throne Room for the bride!

Another attraction of the party was the cake. We have normally come across wedding cakes which are tiered and covered with oodles of cream and flowers. This was a different kind of wedding and so the cake too had to be different. The honors were done by Jabba the Hutt. This popular character from the saga was chosen for the cake and, as expected, was loved by all.

A theme party has more fun when people dress up as the characters. Since the couple had decided upon this theme they took all the efforts to get into the shoes of their favorite characters. The excitement was doubled when all guests also turned up dressed in character specific outfits. And the light sabers from the saga were definitely not to be forgotten.

This kind of stuff is normally to be seen in movies where everything is perfectly timed, thanks to the retake facilities. This was a real wedding where there were no retakes yet the ceremony was perfectly timed and well arranged. Congrats to the couple and all the best wishes be with them!

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