SwivelCard: half business card, half flash drive, all awesome

People in business hand and receive so many different business cards that it is hard to make a difference. And that is exactly why SwivelCard stands out.


Flash drives and business cards on their own are not that special in the 21st century, yet SwivelCard has come up with a solution for those who need to stand out. SwivelCard is a business card that has a very special portion, meant to be tinkered with, folded and transformed into a USB drive. This USB drive, then, just needs to be plugged on a USB port into any computer, and users will be able to access the data on it. While it stores less than 1MB, that’s more than enough for your entire resume, highlights of your portfolio and even links to your website.

The cool thing about it, though, is that the owner of the card can remotely reprogram and change the destination page to keep the information in it updated. Furthermore, one can track when and how these cards are seen giving the owner complete control over the information the interested party is seeing. Want to own it? Well, good news, it’s up on KickStarter , so everyone who is interested can support it and get their hands on them.

Via Technabob

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