Tailio Internet-Connected Litterbox Can Keep Your Cat Healthy

Launching on Kickstarter is Tailio, an Internet-connected litterbox that aims to keep track of a cat’s waste and use the data to keep our felines healthy.

Tailio cat litterbox

Cats are zippy blighters. When they’re jumping on furniture, destroying said furniture or roaming the world at large (presumably looking for more furniture to attack and commandeer) it can be incredibly difficult to take care of them or even keep track of their whereabouts.

Furthermore, even if you do keep enough of an eye on your feline friend to notice that something is up, how can you be certain? You’ll worry tremendously and then if you do choose to take them to a vet, it may be too late to treat the problem effectively.

That’s something that a new Kickstarter project looks to solve. Called Tailio, the device is an Internet connected litterbox that takes the guesswork out of your pet’s healthcare.

Tailio info

Including cancer, diabetes, urinary tract issues and even congestive heart failure, Tailio “collects data on your cat’s weight, amount of waste, frequency of visits and behavior in the litter box”. That idea is not only will you be aware of changes in your cat (without being a feline behavioural expert) but that you’ll be able to detect changes earlier too so that if your pet does need to go to the vet, you’ll know sooner rather than alter.

How it collects said data is simple. Tailio fits under the litterbox itself and sends collected data to the mobile app. The app will alert you when your cat may need medical attention (with the option of sending the info directly to your vet) and even when the litterbox needs changing according to when you last changed it.

As it stands, Tailio has already reached its $30,000 goal (it’s at $70,000 with 16 days to go) and those who back the project can get a Tailio for $99. That’s an early bird price though and Tailio’s at that price will soon run out. More info at the source link.

Source: Tailio Kickstarter

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