Ramos Smart Alarm Clock Prevents Oversleeping

The more difficult to turn off an alarm clock is, the more efficient it proves in waking up heavy sleepers. That’s what Ramos, the manufacturer of a smart alarm clock must be thinking.

If we’re tired enough, some of us don’t even hear the alarm in the morning. Alarm clock manufacturers are well aware of that, and they’re taking two different approaches at solving this problem. They either create alarm clocks that wake us up gently or in as brutal of a way as possible. The one designed by Ramos fits in the latter category, as it combines several tricks to make sure you’re getting up.

Ramos is a manufacturer of portable media players and tablets (running either Android or Windows 8/8.1), but Paul Sammut, the designer of the Ramos smart alarm clock is in no way related to that company. This is how Sammut described his product:

“Tired of oversleeping? Ramos is an alarm clock designed to get you up and far away from bed. It’s also a lean, mean, morning machine. The first moment of every day begins with your alarm. For something so essential, none of them do a very good job. We snooze, stall and grumble to stay in bed, making us late and tired. Ramos is designed to start your day the way you planned. No more oversleeping and rushed mornings. Ramos is here to change all of that.

Ramos is a remotely deactivated alarm clock. To turn it off, you have to get out bed and simply bring your phone close to the Ramos Bluetooth Beacon. For heavy sleepers, there’s also an optional defuse code that forces you to memorize a 4 digit number to turn off the alarm. Unlike your phone alarm, there is no way you can cheat Ramos. Even if you unplug it, batteries power Ramos for hours. You have to get out of bed.”

The Ramos smart alarm clock is currently featured on Kickstarter, where Sammut is looking to raise $100,000, so that his product enters mass production. The crowdfunding campaign ends on January 8, so you have until then to pledge $99 to secure one for yourself, and in the event that the project reaches its funding goal, you will get your menacing alarm clock in May 2015.

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