15 Famous Cars We Wish Could Transform

The Transformers movie series started out well but turned into quite a mess of explosions, stupidity and box office success. They need new ideas for robots. Not to mention a new director.

And in comes in Darren Rawlings, who had the idea of taking some famous cars that have showed up on TV or film; so famous they’re like another character in the feature, and give them their robot alter-ego. The result is quite stunning.

Batmobile (Batman)


DeLorean (Back to the Future)


Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)


Shotaro (Akira)


Party Wagon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Party Wagon

Black Beauty (Green Hornet)

Black Beauty

The Mystery Machine (Scooby-Doo)

Mystery Machine

Mach V (Speed Racer)

Mach V

Pursuit (Mad Max)


Kitt (Knight Rider)


Pacer (Wayne’s World)


Herbie (The Love Bug)


Gran Torino (Starsky & Hutch)

Vandura (A-Team)


General Lee (Dukes of Hazard)

General Lee


For more work from the awesome Darren Rawlings, check out his Deviantart page.

For about famous cars, check out these alternative movie posters, putting the vehicle in the spotlight and the front seat of the promotion.

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