Cherry Blossom Tree Cupcake Mosaic

There is always something very attractive about cupcakes and this is not the first time someone used them in creating mosaics.

However, London’s cupcake shop Crumbs & Doilies has created a mosaic of a cherry blossom tree using 10,000 of those delectable cakes. The resulting mosaic is mouth-wateringly beautiful and is one of the best cupcake art that I have ever come across.

It looks large enough to fill an entire room and might need a lot of people to eat it up, if they plan to go the alimentary canal way. Japanese TV show ItteQ apparently ordered it for a special episode, and that probably means that the staff of the TV channel would get to eat a lot of these cakes. Meanwhile, one can’t help but admire the efforts of artists who took time to put these cakes together to form such an impressive pattern.

It not only requires effort but a hell lot of imagination and creativity as well, and those qualities can easily be seen in the cherry blossom tree mosaic. This should probably encourage you to try something yourself and create an opportunity for a possible rendezvous with a TV channel. You could also go ahead and take a look at iPad Cakes and St. Patrick’s Day Cakes, which we had featured sometime ago.