What Is Steampunk?

The internet is full of things with weird denominations, but what is Steampunk anyways? Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols taking a shower? Well, not exactly. Steampunk is a genre, a branch of Sci-Fi and fantasy where Victorian age aesthetics, steam-operated gadgets and retro-future are combined in a unique dish where modern paraphernalia finds a way to integrate seamlessly into the past, creating complex and beautiful fantasy worlds, elegant and retro, but with access to current technologies or equivalents. Steampunk can invade pretty much any aspect of a fantasy world, as seen on videogames such as Final Fantasy VI or the Fallout universe (admittedly, we see some cyberpunk in Fallout too), or anime like Full Metal Alchemist, as some prominent examples: the machines and backgrounds are too modern to have been around in the Victorian times, yet their looks fit.

steampunk world

It is common for Steampunk to deal with post-apocalyptic worlds, where characters also have a tough time surviving in wastelands, or being set in cities of the old continent, being London a particular exponent. A huge part of the appeal of the genre is that it pretty much always gives birth to great adventures, where the imagination of the creators is the limit: just seeing some steampunk creations makes the stories write themselves. Now, we have run plenty of articles on Steampunk-inspired pieces before, and decided to make a round up of some of our favorites, which in turn, should show how diverse the Steampunk aesthetics are. Enjoy!

Popular Culture Goes Steampunk

Can you imagine Star Wars dealing with European politics, or the Transformers turning into trains? A common practice amongst steampunk fans is re-imagining popular pieces of pop culture (shows, movies, you name it) as if they h in a Jules Verne novel. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Steampunk Dalek

Steampunk Dalek

After the long war in planet Skaro, resources were depleted, so the Dalek ended up being steam operated, thus giving birth to the Steampunk Dalek.

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Iron Man

If you happen to not really buy Iron Man’s story in the movie, and think no one could develop a power source from basically nothing while in captivity, maybe you’d be more convinced with a vapor operated alternative: the Steampunk Iron-Man.

Steampunk Star Wars

Steampunk Star Wars Artwork

In a galaxy far, far away, with no blu-ray remasters, nor even VHS, steam-operated machinery is still the norm. We’ve seen a bunch of Steampunk Star Wars, but it’s just that it seems to fit so well.

Steampunk Darth Vader

Steampunk Darth Vader

Behold as the Death Zeppelin flies over England, commanded by Steampunk Darth Vader.

Steampunk Light Sabers

Steampunk Lightsaber

Now, this truly is a more refined weapon for a more refined age! The Steampunk Light Sabers are the perfect weapon of the retro future.

Steampunk Optimus Prime

Steampunk Optimus Prime

The leader of the Steambots, Steampunk Optimus Prime only goes wherever the rails take him. That doesn’t mean this is not one of the coolest re-imaginations we’ve ever seen.

Steampunk Disney

Disney Steampunk

Disney may have characters of all ethnicities and backgrounds, but not enough steam and robots! Gladly, some fans reverted this situation in their Steampunk Disney collection.

Steampunk PC, Consoles & Gear

One of the geekiest aspects of life is everything related to gaming, and as such, a perfect recipient for such geeky aesthetics. Let’s face it, even if Queen Victoria never heard the words “video game” in her life, this is incredibly cool. Here are some of our favorite posts.

Steampunk Desktop PCs

Although we’re not sure about the specs on this one, we surely would feel as the PC Gaming Master Race behind it. This Steampunk Desktop PC is quite something.

Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller

steampunk xbox 360 controller

This piece of work is particularly brilliant. The wood and brass make us feel like this would be incredible if we ever wanted to control a steam locomotive. The Xbox 360 Steampunk Controller is perfect for any gamer with an edge for classy things.

Steampunk PS3 Mod Design


We don’t play favorites, so this one is for PS3 fans. This Steampunk PS3 Mod Design is perfect for users that need some valves to slowly release the steam produced when playing Heavy Rain, God of War or Demon Souls.

Steampunk Ergonomic Computer Keyboard


Although the title and key display says ergonomic, this Steampunk Ergonomic Computer Keyboard does not look like the most comfortable option for long sessions of typing or gaming. But, if you’re going for style, think about it.

Steampunk Gadgets:

Not everything in life is fiction, and sometimes you just gotta live. That doesn’t mean the Steampunk genre doesn’t have something in for you. Here are some gadgets for your every-day life.

Steampunk Watches

Put on your monocle, and check out if it’s already the time for your tea on these Steampunk Watches.


Steampunk Harley Davidson


We get it, we need vehicles to get to work, but only a Steampunk Terminator would make this Steampunk Chopper justice.

Steampunk Chopper

Steampunk Chopper

Or, maybe, if Harley Davidson is not really your thing (yeah, right!), you would like a Black Widow Steampunk Chopper.

Steampunk Antique Cars

Steampunk Car Mods

The Steampunk Antique Cars are one of the greatest exponents of what it really means to mix up past and future.

Steampunk LEGO City

steampunk lego

Toys (although we would argue the LEGO being considered toys or not) can also get the Steampunk treatment, and someone used LEGO to create a vibrant Steampunk Lego City.

Steampunk Weapons & Armor:

As we mentioned before, sometimes Steampunk deals with surviving on wastelands, and in order to do that, characters need to be prepared with gear up to the situation. Here are our favorite creations for those attempting to make their way through a steampunk world.

Steampunk Swiss Knife-Weapon

Steampunk Swiss knife

A weapon made for bounty hunters, the Steampunk Swiss Knife is the weapon of choice for adaptability and survival.

Steampunk Gun Mods

Steampunk Guns

The Primitus Steampunk Gun (the biggest one in the picture) is a mod based on a toy gun, but we’ll be damned if it doesn’t look incredible. Some other mods can be found here, here and here.

Steampunk Coil Gun

steampunk coilgun pistol

The weapon of choice for bounty-hunters all across England, this Steampunk Coilgun Pistol could get you out of many sticky situations.

Steampunk Masks & Helmets

Steampunk Masks and Helmets

Being that in Steampunk fiction, the world is usually in a relative state of chaos, or heading towards chaos itself, sometimes inhabitants need protection. This protection needs to cover for more than just physical hits, so don’t be surprised if you see gas masks in this collection over here of Steampunk Masks & Helmets.