Doctor Who Lego TARDIS Display

The TARDIS Display, which was constructed for ‘Doctor Beef’ aka Cindi by her boyfriend ranks pretty high, when it comes to romantic geeky gestures. For the Non-Whovians ( cool lingo for Doctor Who fans), Doctor Who is an incredibly popular  British science fiction television program produced by the BBC. One of the  longest-running science fiction television show in the world, the show has achieved a cult status and is a geek favorite.

Since, the series revolves around, a time-traveling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor, a time-machine is imperative to the plot. Hence, the TARDIS is the time-machine  that the Doctor uses to explore the universe and it helps him to fly through  time and space. Thus, no surprises that Flickr user Cindi desired a TARDIS inspired display for her Lego mini-figures and kudos to her romantic boyfriend for delivering. The end result is quite impressive, especially given the fact that the boyfriend is no professional woodworker.

Valentine’s Day might have been long gone (okay, it has been just two days); however, we still can’t help but gush about romantic gestures. Given, that we all are self-confessed geeks here, it is not the flowers or the cliched candy that make us swoon, but incredibly geeky gestures, and if you found the TARDIS display romantic, you will also love the  Binary wedding proposal and the Portal 2 proposal.