The TARDIS Mug: A Time-Traveler’s Best Friend

You crawl before you walk, and you walk before you run; it only seems natural that you’d start off your life as a Time Lord in a similar fashion by first familiarizing yourself with your trusty replica TARDIS mug. Modeled after the TARDIS used by the current series’ Doctor – eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith – this massive 16 ounce beast of a beverage receptacle is game for some serious drinking business.

Give the gift of class to your morning caffeinated pick-me-up of choice – I know I for one am definitely in the coffee drinkers camp – with this glossy, dark blue mug modeled after the iconic space (and time) machine disguised as a 1950’s British police box. This lidded and practical reproduction features a surprising amount of detail that should not go without note here. The windows, the notice on the door, the St. John Ambulance insignia; it’s enough to make any fan squeal with glee. All that said, while 16 ounces is by no means a paltry amount of liquid (that’s the rough equivalent of 1 and a 1/3 cans of soda) the inside of this TARDIS, unlike it’s full-sized future-tech counterpart, does not challenge common sense: the inside is not larger than the outside. It’s 16 fluid ounces and that’ll just have to be enough, Time Lord or not.

A final word of warning: while you might be tempted to jump into the life of a curious time traveling hero, I implore you to resist the temptation… at least for now. Regardless how much coffee or tea you consume, the routine caffeine buzz you feel – while possibly imbuing you with super human speed and irritability – has not prepared you for, and does not compare to, time travel. So, aspiring Time Lord, for the low price of $15.99, this mug, and the potentially vast and numerous alien worlds to be unlocked therein (but not really), could be yours. The time has come to retire the plain jane tea cup in favor for something a little more out of this world.

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