17 Delicious Tetris Themed Treats

Tetris has been around since forever, and Tetris fans have been trying to do everything with it: play with it, decorate their home with it, bring it into real life and even … cook it. They do not only cook it once, but cook it many times in many delicious styles. We had to restrain our appetite really hard to pick out 17 awesome Tetris food items for your Tetris hunger.

Gingerbread Pacman and Tetris


Two of the most popular retro video games have come together in a tasty gingerbread creation that leaves you with a hard decision to make: Which one will you eat first: the one you like more or the one you like less?

Tetris Cookies


Image Soure: Eva Funderburgh

I don’t know how to make it or where to find it, and I swear that I’ll fall in love with anyone who makes me those cookies. Simply yummy!

Tetris Cookies II


Image Source: MSN

Made by Andromache Kottas, those beautiful and supposedly delicious Tetris cookies are the result of years of playing the classic video game. According to her, it took only half an hour to prepare, but it took endless time to cut.

Tetris Truffles


With her ultimate love for video games, the culinary artist anafuji has created the most inviting truffles ever. All 7 Tetris blocks, in their original shapes and colors, have been transformed into an inviting edible form. Anafuji has also made Pacman truffles and other geeky stuff.

Tetris Waffles


The distinctive pixel-like shape of waffles has prompted Tetris crazy fan ItRunsOnBread? to turn them into Tetris blocks. The result is crispy Tetris waffles that allow you to play and eat at the same time.

Tetris Pancakes


Image Source: Jim’s Pancakes

As an admittedly awful Tetris player, Jim made this pancake so that whenever he gets frustrated over the game, he can just eat up all the blocks and make new ones.

Nintendo Tetris Game Cartridge Cake

Nintendo Tetris Game Cassette Cake is a delicious replica of the old good Nintendo cartridge that comes with authentic Tetris bricks. The cartridge was made in gray cream while the Tetris bricks seem to be made out of colored sugar cubes.

Tetris Level 600 Cake


Robbersdog’s little brother is the luckiest kid in the world to have this Tetris cake on his birthday. The cake proudly displays “Level 600 Complete!” which somehow implies that tasting the cake is as cool as achieving that Tetris level.

Tetris Fail Cake


Image Source: My Food Looks Funny

Whether you play Tetris or not, you will still find this cake funny. Julie Geoghegan re-creates a scene where the player set up the gap waiting for the line piece but ended up placing it wrong way.

Tetris Cake 4


Made by Lori from Clever Cake Studio, the super Tetris cake was patterned with colorful happy Tetris bricks that house logos of various games and game developers, such as Atari, 5th Cell, ArenaNet, Batman, Bungie, Super Mario Brothers, Pacman, Sony, Wii, Xbox, Zelda etc.

Tetris Cake 5


This Tetris cake looks exactly like the game screen where the player is obviously waiting for the infamous line brick. Made by Martin, it is a great cake for any geeky occasion.

Tetris Cake 6


Flickr user Bea & texma showed his/her love for bakery, colors and Tetris with an overdose of colorful Tetris blocks on this cake.

Tetris Cake 7


Image Source: Cheezburger

It seems like Tetris fans’ imagination has no limit when it comes to food. Here is yet another Tetris cake – an extremely sophisticated and mouth watering one.

Tetris Brownies


Image Source: Fraske Designs

If all the scrumptious cakes above are not enough for your appetite, try this batch of Tetris brownies. According to the baker from Fraske Designs, these Tetris Brownies are really easy to make, and while the process of cutting the tetrominoes out is kind of tedious, the end result is really fun.

Chocolate Tetris


Image Source: Craziest Gadgets

As if chocolate is not addictive enough, Meiji has found a way to make it even more irresistible. They have introduced chocolate bars in the shapes of classic Tetris blocks that can destroy any diet resolution.

Meat Tetris


Image Source: leetlady

This is one thing that you might not want to know about something as cute as those Tetris meat pieces: the meat is actually the heart of an elk, fresh from the woods.

Bento Lunch Box


Say goodbye to old boring lunch boxes and impress your friends or colleagues with this ultra cool Tetris lunch box. Created by Night-Thing, the Bento lunch box contains colorful Tetris bricks made of fresh vegetables. They are served with rice, baked beans underneath, some almonds and dried apricots.