The Doctor Who Dalek Flashlight Keychain

If you are to travel back in time to find out when and how exactly keychains or key rings were invented, then you would probably have to go back to the time when locks were invented. Initially locks were priced high since they were handmade. Hence, since not many were produced and sold, there was not any much necessity for key rings. But by the 1840s, since invention of the cylinder lock and mass production of reasonably priced locks, keys started breeding in the pockets of the people.

At first, most keys were held together by a piece of sting or some threaded stuff. But later on the need for a commercial product to hold the keys was realized. Hence, rings, chains, hoops, etc. came into being that held the keys in place and position. Well, soon after the invention, car companies adopted it as their advertising strategy and the same proved to be successful too. In addition to car keys, the public had their house keys and keys of other locks and they needed to keep these all together in one place and also needed to differentiate their set of keys from others. This is where the companies gained their success of contracting their name into the keychains and thus, earning a place in people’s pockets and minds.

Shortly, manufacturers started ornamenting the keychains and the same become a fashion statement. Initially, it was ornamental bells, dolls, and other such stuff that adorned the keychain. But as typical as the human brain is that tries to find an extra usage in each and everything, things like mini flashlights, digital photo frames, pens, etc. were attached to the keychain by the manufacturers. The most useful came out to be a flashlight attached to the key chain since it proved handy in spotting keyholes to be unlocked in the dark.

Now, anyone would love to own an ornamented keychain with that would also prove to be useful in a lot many occasions. How about having a Dalek on your keychain? Fancy it? Well for those who are not familiar with Dalek, here is a little insight. Daleks are fictional species of an outer space race that have been adapted in the role of mutants in the famous British sitcom Doctor Who. They appear with a robot like casing and are determined on conquering the universe. They are generally known to be emotionless creatures with a famous catch phrase ‘Exterminate’!

So, anyone care to step into the shoes of the ‘bad guy’ for a day and let the Dalek become the light of your life and guide your way through?

If yes, then get the new Doctor Who Dalek Flashlight Key Chain that will help you ‘exterminate’ the dark. The keychain has an underhand red Dalek attached to it which will hold the key to your destination. What more! It even duals as a flashlight and hence actually proves helpful. For a price of $9.99, the keychain stands at a height of 2 ½” and runs on three LR41 batteries that are included in the package which is for the age group of 13 years and above.

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