Review: Thule’s TAS-113 MacBook Pro Sleeve

Thule was kind enough to send me their TAS-113 sleeve for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Putting the sleeve through its paces definitely left me feeling this was the laptop sleeve to rule them all.

First Impressions & Use

Thule’s rugged laptop is rigid and weather resistant – perfect for the outdoorsman or user who takes their gear to less than laptop friendly terrain. The case is sturdy but not too bulky, light enough to not add unnecessary weight to your MacBook Pro and good looking enough that you might be tempted to carry it outside your bag. I was definitely impressed by the durability of the case – I tossed it around, accidentally stepped on it (sans laptop of course) and sandwiched it between books. The case definitely held up, literally.

If you were to think of the exterior as a plastic shell dressed in kevlar then the interior would be a soft spot for your laptop. While the sleeve lacks pockets — a potential deal breaker for those looking to consolidate cables — a strap is included to hold down your MacBook Pro preventing it from moving while in transit. To add further protection, the sides are held with two straps allowing you to use the sleeve’s other half as a shield when the laptop is opened. The zippers are extremely durable but a little rigid. I had difficulty opening the sleeve when it was in my carrier bag and had to pull it out for unzipping. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me but a potential inconvenience for others.

Final Verdict

Should you buy this? The sleeve might be a little overkill for you if your daily laptop use doesn’t include trekking backcountry and pulling your MacBook out on the dangerous parts of hiking trails. However, the durability of the sleeve does come in handy and could prevent a catastrophe such as a shattered screen or major dent. The sleeve is built like a tank but looks stylish enough to not be confined permanently to your bag.

I’d recommend Thule’s TAS-113 sleeve hands down. If you want a perfect blend of protection and style, Thule has a built a sleeve for you.

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