TDK Revolutionizes with See-Through Mobile Display

Japanese corporation TDK began mass production of their see-through QVGA displays as of the second quarter of 2011. Pretty soon, the tech-savvy masses may enjoy this eye-catching innovation on their mobile devices.

TDK Screen 1

Known as product number UEL476, this see-through technology is the world’s first passive matrix QVGA organic electroluminescent display. Organic electroluminescent (EL) displays contain organic materials that emit light when an electric current passes through them.

TDK Screen detail

Organic EL displays have been used by TDK on a larger scale, such as TV screens, but never as a see-through feature of mobile phones or smaller devices. An advantage of organic EL displays is that there is a high brightness and is easier on the eyes. Plus, there is a wider viewing angle compared to regular LCDs, making its application into the mobile industry very practical.

Some technical specs: The TDK see-through display measures 2.4 inches, has a 40% transmittance, and a brightness of 150 candelas per square meter.

Another great thing about this technology is that it also safeguards the cellphone user’s privacy. You might be worried that a see-through display will allow other people to read what you’re texting, but not with this one.

The TDK design was made in such a way that the display can only be viewed from the front of the screen. Though it’s see-through, the screen and the displayed text and photos are not viewable from the back.

While it may seem like an interesting idea to text and to see what’s ahead of you with TDK’s transparent display, let’s hope that nobody gets the hang of texting while walking or texting while driving. This warning also applies to those naughty people who developed the bad habit, whether it’s from a see-through cellphone or not.

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Via: Akihibara News