Transparent Animal Skeleton Origami

Apart from being a reckoning force in the world o technology and gaming, Japan has also contributed to the world of art and culture. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, and has been carried on for generations.

In fact, most kids abroad too learn how to fold paper and make objects with the help of coloured papers imported from Japan. However, in Japan, Origami is really big and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if one said Origami is the epitome of Japanese high art.

Takayuki Hori, a Japanese artist has created some of the most wonderful Origami animal skeletons in order to bring awareness to the fact that there are several species that are in the endangered list. In fact, Japan has made considerable efforts at saving these endangered animals but changing eco-systems and environmental degradation are having their disastrous effects on Japanese animal species.

Takayuki Hori has used translucent paper and a really intricate skeletal structure in order to project the fragile nature of their existence. Origami itself is a dying art, and with the growing popularity of video games and other technological forms of entertainment, traditional forms of entertainment and art forms are dying out.

Perhaps artists like Takayuki Hori could help in not only reviving the popularity of art forms such as Origami, but also make sure that awareness is raised among people about the condition of animals that are losing their natural habitat.

The Origami skeletons consist of birds, insects and mammals whose habitats have been ruined by urbanization, pollution and industrialization. These artistic animal skeletons might help people not just in Japan, but all over the world to respect animals natural habitats and help in saving the species.

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Via: Buzz Feed