TecmoBowl.org Updates Tecmo Super Bowl With 2013 NFL Rosters

Get ready for some football, 8-bit style! With an updated version of a classic pro-football game.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 box image

Madden NFL might be the king of the virtual pigskin that it is today, but during the pre-polygon era of gaming – oh, say the 8-bit and 16-bit hardware generation – this proud title once rightfully belonged to Tecmo Bowl (the non-arcade one), and of course its subsequent licensed follow up, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Tecmo Bowl was a widely popular NES game back in the day, thanks in part to a simple, easy to grasp, core concept that allowed to player to concentrate on having fun and game-planning on how to out-smart their gridiron rival, rather than futzing with clumsy, over-complicated menus and mechanics (looking at you Madden).

And while the progress of time and industry innovation has made the Tecmo Bowl series a remember-able relic of days gone by, this hasn’t stopped a passionate group of enthusiasts from punting the ball just yet, as the fansite, TecmoBowl.org, has fixed up the original title to reflect the state of the game today.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 image 1Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 image 2

Released right out of the oven, Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 – much like last year’s unofficial fan-made predecessor – introduces the current and correct NFL rosters (yes, sadly, Tim Tebow, too) of the 32 teams in the league. But wait, there’s more! It also has features not found in its contriver, like Playbook editing. OooOooOoo!

Seriously, these guys down at TecmoBowl.org are flippin’ fantastic! I mean, you would have to be in order to work your hide on something so amazing that I bet takes incredibly long hours to program and with no incentive other than the Internet equivalent of a pat on the back.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 teams image

I guess that goes to credit how brilliant a title like Tecmo Bowl was in its heyday, which, by the means of emulation, others can enjoy right now. If you’re interested in this project and want to try out Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 for yourself, head over to TecmoBowl.org.

There you’ll find all the relevant information necessary to take the field along with a crowd of similar football-loving patrons to talk tips, discuss the sport, and what not. And when you are done with that, head back to Walyou to read about the latest tablet from Amazon, the Kindle HD, and rumors over the Nintendo Wii U.