Quirky Doctor Who Dalek Plant Pot

Fans of Doctor Who can use these cool Dalek plant pots to decorate their window sills. JackieLantern at Craftster decided to build Dalek that can grow plants after listening to a joke that her boyfriend kept telling her.

The joke entailed something about Daleks screaming at plants to germinate. The joke isn’t really coherent but what the girlfriend decided to create is certainly more than coherent and pretty easy on the eyes as well. The Dalek plant pot was built with white polymer clay and was sculpted around a terracotta pot.

The end result is surprisingly pleasing to the eyes and most people who know how to bake pots can give Dalek Plant Pot a try. If you didn’t know, Daleks are alien mutants from the planet Skaro created by scientist Davros. These Daleks have no pity or compassion and desire universal conquest and domination.

If only the Dalek Plant Pot could think, it probably would have taken up the task of universal environmental-friendly conquest, leaving no mercy for those who are not green enough. If you are not much into gardening, you could also take a look at Steampunk Dalek, which is totally out of this world. The Dalek Birthday Cake is mouth-watering and a great way to celebrate a party.