Shocking Rendition of Poker Face by Tesla Orchestra

Mixing one of Nikola Tesla’s most famous inventions with an eccentric top 20 musician seems like it would make for a “bad romance.” But in this case, that’s just not true.

Lady Gaga has never had such an electrifying performance as this rendition of “Poker Face,” presented by the Tesla Orchestra. The video below is just one example of the incredible talent of the Tesla Orchestra to harness electricity and turn it into music. Based in Cleveland, OH, the orchestra is hoping to create some sparks with a new project that will be unveiled on May 14th.

Dubbed the “Open Spark Project,” the Tesla Orchestra is calling for music submissions to be played on two giant musical tesla coils. Each of the giant tesla coils produces large bolts of lightning, which are then tuned to replicate notes through a MIDI file. A tesla coil is what you saw in fifth grade science that made people’s hair stand up.

The range of the tesla coils are from 55 Hertz to 587 Hertz, covering the majority of a typical keyboard. It may not be able to play more than one note per coil at a time, but the Open Spark Project is begging people to send in songs with “fast arpeggios” to show off the full power of what the big coils can do.


The Tesla Orchestra has performed all over the country and over seas, but wanted to give the community a chance to customize their June show in Cleveland. If you have a song you want them to play, they have a simple submission process. Who knows, your song could be turned into lightning.

Even if your music doesn’t have what it takes to shock the world, the Tesla Orchestra may still use it to shock audience members.

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Via: Hack A Day