Rubik’s Cube Stop-Motion Tetris

The Rubik’s Cube is often considered to have been a fad, yet it still holds up today as a relatively popular toy, at least to the extent that people of various ages can recognize one. This stop-motion video takes a different spin, so to speak, on the rotating puzzle. Fashioning the various colors into a sort of pixel art, the faces of various cubes are put together to provide an awesome stop-motion animation of the popular classic video game Tetris. Assuming one doesn’t cheat by popping the cubes apart or reapplying the colored stickers, creating art like this also requires either a level of extreme patience or, more likely, extensive knowledge on how Rubik’s Cubes work. As I’m sure many of you know, there are simple patterns one can learn to solve a Cube quickly and learn how to manipulate the faces into a desired pattern.

Rubik's Cube Tetris Animation

The first ‘level’ of the video features the standard Tetris layout and shapes, showing us the familiar blocks stacking up in preparation for the never-seems-to-come-when-you-need-it ‘line piece’ (which is also parodied in the Tetris God Video). However, the next two stages make things a bit more interesting. The second uses a playing field four Cubes across, and blocks consisting of five squares instead of the original four. As you’d probably guess, the third adds an extra degree of complexity with a fifth column of Rubik’s Cubes and some baffling six-square blocks. All of the stages designed and executed by YouTube user BananaNiel are quite amazing to watch, especially in HD. I do warn you, however, that the clip of him explaining the procedure after about the 1:30 mark may induce seizures.

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Via: Gamgea