Cool 3D Tetris Game Chair Design

tetris game chair design 2

Many know Tetris as one of the few retro games that is still popular today and provides of fun and challenging hours for geeks and children. Now is is back with a vengeance in a cool 3D Tetris game chair that would go wonderful with the Tetris Furniture that fits the geeky theme so well.

tetris game chair design 1

This amazing artwork by Gabriel Cañas strikes a different chord by mentioning of the principle material that goes into the making of this rainbow chair. He suggests the use of fiberglass for it, which would weigh less, making it easier to move aorund. Moreover, the pepped up bright colors do offer an extra spice, which could match the gaming screen proudly.

tetris game chair design 3

Since there isn’t any trace of upholstery, I am a little skeptical as to how comfortable this would be. The designer, in his defense, might snap back saying people sit on rocks and enjoy beach side. Umm…this isn’t a legitimate argument because it’s close to impossible to experience crashing of tiny waves on one’s feet in the comfort of a couch or a gaming chair! Anyway if you’re planning to take a walk down the Tetris street, check out the bizarre Tetris Street design that is impeccable.

tetris game chair design 4