Take Safety to the Next Level With the iCar Black Box

While many of us have only been in minor traffic collisions, driving is a very dangerous act. With so many negligent drivers on the road, you may be wondering how you can keep yourself safe. Or maybe you’re worried that you’ll be wrongfully blamed for a collision that wasn’t your fault. Is there a simple and cheap solution to the everyday driver’s most pressing concerns? There is, and it’s probably not what you were expecting.

The Apple App Store may seem like a great place to find all of the games and social networking apps your heart could ever desire. While that’s true, the store also features some more than helpful real world applications. Such as the iCar Black Box. The iCar Black Box is a worried driver’s dream app.

iCar Black Box

This useful app allows the user to turn their iPhone into a real working black box. Simply mount the iPhone to your windshield, using one of the many different hanging devices available on the market, and download the iCar Black Box app. The app will use  a G-sensor Oscilloscope and GPS to detect your speed a road condition. When the app notices something isn’t right, like sudden braking or other odd road conditions, the app goes into record mode, insuring any potential accidents are recorded. The recordings are even mapped using the GPS so you can later see exactly where the accident happened. You can even send data to any email address. If you find yourself in a serious accident, the iCar Black Box will automatically pull up an emergency number for you to simply dial by pressing one button. In a serious accident, one button press can make the difference.

The iCar Black Box does have a minor downside though. While the iPhone’s battery is one of the best on the market, constantly running an app is sure to drain your battery. This won’t be a problem for user’s who own a car charger, but for those who don’t, it’s certainly an investment you’ll need to make. But, for an app that’s only $.99, the investment may be worth it.

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