Tetris Goes Lo-fi

For the last 25 years, Tetris has been the premiere puzzle video game. From its humble beginnings in Russia to its stint as the most popular game on the Nintendo Gameboy to its resurgence as an immensely popular cell phone game, Tetris remains one of the most recognizable and loved video games of all time. The key part of that phrase being “video.” Well John Adams, a UK game designer, decided that he was going to drag Tetris kicking and screaming back to the days when kids didn’t need an expensive electronic device to play their games. Or as most people call them, “The Dark Ages.”

The result of his labors is the new board game Tetris Link, a strategy games that uses the classic pieces of Tetris in a Connect 4 type battle of wits. The game is still making the toy fair rounds and isn’t expected to be released until next year. Until then, you’ll just have to get your Tetris fix the same million ways you’ve always gotten it. Which raises the question as to why this game exists. Adams, aware that making an old fashioned board game version of a widely available video game may seem like a step back, claims he made it for all the kids who aren’t allowed to play video games. For them, and anyone else who’s in desperate need of a Tetris fix when the power is out and every store is out of batteries at the same time, Tetris Link will be your methadone.

Via: Pocket-lint