14 Killer Tetris Remakes

While it seems like Tetris can never get old and boring, it’s still cool to see our beloved classic puzzle having a new and interesting makeover. Tetris fans have been using their creativity to come up with brilliant Tetris remakes using all sorts of materials and technologies. Below are 13 of them.

Fluid 3D Screen for Playing Tetris

As if playing Tetris in 3D is not cool enough, researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University have found a way to make it even more impressive with a 3D screen made of water. Three layers of water are placed one after another to structure a volumetric display or in other words, 3D images on a screen formed by continuous droplets of water.

Analog Tetris Game

Scientists have talked about the downside of sitting in front of computer playing game since forever, and this analog Tetris game is what will make them stop. Designed to play by two,  analog Tetris game lets you enjoy your favorite video game and do some exercise at the time.

Tetris 2 Game


Tetris 2 On Behance Network created by Raúl Godoy is a Tetris remake that gives the game more challenges when played with friends. In this project, the original pieces and the dynamics of original Tetris game remain the same, but a new feature is added which allows you to select incoming pieces to the second player.

Human Tetris Game

Human Tetris Game is a wonderful combination of three things that we all love but have nothing in common: skateboarding, up-tempo music, and Tetris. The guys speed around the streets in the black of the night on their skateboards, holding Neon-lit Tetris blocks and resembling them just the way you it play on your computer. If there was only one phrase to describe the video, it would be “awesomeness at its best”.

RGB LED Tetris Game


Stanislav Ponomarev has introduced his nerdiest brain child ever: a RGB LED Tetris game. The Up-counter area maintains track of the row which is currently being shown. The 4-to-6 decoder is responsible for converting 4-bit binary number from the up-counter in 16 diverse lines. Understand? Neither do I.

Wall RGB Tetris

Source: MAKE

Sparkfun has introduced a wall sized Tetris game that is played on a device that is composed of 240 buttons. To move the Tetris block right, left, up or down, you simply touch the correspondent button of the current piece.

iPhone Circular Tetris Phone


iPhone never stops surprising us with all the cool things it can do. This time, it opened us to a whole new level of Tetris with an app called Cirris. The 3D spawn version of the iconic brick games let us play Tetris not only with a new dimension, but also in a new shape.

Tetris Building

Source: Creator’s Corner Blog

Fine arts student Sergej Hein obviously doesn’t like the tediousness of Socialist building style where each house is designed identically. Using solely After Effects, he created a Tetris game out of this building blocks to make fun of it.

Tetris Machine Concept


Chrissie Macdonald has come up with a brilliant idea of a beautiful Tetris machine that will allow you to play the game in real life. Unfortunately, like most of the cool things, the Tetris machine is still a concept.

Tetris Sugar Game


This is absolutely the sweetest Tetris game of all time. Conceived by “Dead Alive Romantic“, Tetris sugar game is an attempt to save the utmost boredom at a coffee table.

Lego Tetris Robot

Created by Branislav Kisacanin to engage his kids in a fun and educational project, Tetris-Bot is a robot that can play Tetris as smoothly as we see in the video. Tetris-Bot consists of a camera, a TI DM6437 DSP board that runs Branislav’s embedded vision and artificial intelligence algorithms, and a three-finger NXT robotic hand to press keyboards.

Tetris Bricks Made in Lego


We are going to tell you a horrifying secret that the government has been trying to hide from you: aliens do exist and they are used to make Tetris bricks. In this Lego replica of the classic game, aliens from Space Invaders are being sliced piece by piece for you the enjoy your favorite puzzle game.

Lego NES Tetris


MOCOlympics, a competition held by MOCpages where participants were to submit one model made out of Lego bricks, saw a cool entry by Dave Sterling. The LEGO NES Tetris is an old school Nintendo Entertainment System replica that comes with two game controllers, one Tetris game cartridge and a Lego TV, all handcrafted out of Lego bricks.

Tetris Theme Bottle Remake

Korobeiniki, a Tetris’ theme song that we are too familiar with, had a fun and creative remake. 3 college students have used glass bottles to create the theme song by blowing into them and fast forwarding the recorded version.


Chrissie Macdonald has designed a classic Tetris machine that mimics the way the popular game looks. With so many colorful Tetris blocks being used, this machine certainly looks cool and bright.