23 Stylish Tetris Designs Implemented IRL

Probably one of the best memories during our childhood is when we spent hours in front of the computer playing Tetris. Even though nowadays we are no longer able to waste time that way, Tetris still holds a dear place in our hearts. 23 coolest Tetris gadgets and designs below will allow you to bring the classic video game in whatever you do.

MTV Tetris Swatch Watch


The MTV Tetris swatch watch is MTV’s brilliant idea to share the spotlight with the game everybody knows and loves. The watch is available in black and white background with colorful Tetris blocks elegantly decorated on the straps and the dial.

Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy Bank


A piggy bank in the shape of the famous Tetris game arcade is something that can make saving money really fun and motivating. Instead of going out and wasting money on the normal game arcades, you can play your favorite game on this arcade piggy bank with its miniature controls and LCD every time you put money in it.

Tetris Bricks Controller


There is no better way to play your Tetris game with this retro Tetris Bricks controller of a TV arcade game. With five game options of Standard, Clear, Timed, Hot Line and Battle Tetris, it comes with twin handsets for you to play with friend.

Tetris Lamp


Created by Aubrey Kraft, Tetris lamp can light up your desktop and entertain you at the same time. You can arrange these little twinkling bulbs into the shape of a lamp or anything that your wildest imagination allows.

Tetris iPhone Pouch


Get your beloved iPhone a retro look with this cozy Tetris iPhone pouch. Designed by EgoorEngland, the pouch is cut out of strong thick durable felt with cute little Tetris blocks of different shapes and colors etched on the front.

Tetris Pretty Pixel Swarovski Design


The combination of glamorous Swarovski and classic Tetris can be astonishingly glamorous. Tetris Pretty Pixel Swarovski jewelry is exactly what a lady would want to take with her to a fancy party whether she is a geek or not. They also come with PacMan, and Space Invaders inspired designs.

Tetris Bracelet Craft


Made of polymer clay with colorful Tetris bricks etched on the outside, Beautyspotcrafts’ Tetris bracelet is a fashion statement of girls who are stylish and geeky at the same time.

Classic Tetris Bracelet


The classic Tetris bracelet is an actual artwork handmade out of resin. It is embedded with the classic Tetris blocks and the prominent “Game Over” statement. Even though it looks really cool, $70 is a bit pricey for a bracelet or any Tetris inspired gadget.

Tetris Necklaces



Complete your Tetris jewelry collection with these two ultra cute Tetris necklaces from Acetonxfree and Tetris-gollum. Acetonxfree’s design is made of chains while Tetris-gollum’s one is made of polymer clay and cord which gives it a more carefree look.

Tetris Hair Cut Design


In the world of geeks, everything is possible, even a Tetris hair cut. Wip-Hairport chose to demonstrate his love for games by getting a cool hair cut themed upon his all time favorite game Tetris.

Tetris Hat


According to the creator Neko-daewen, he had a tough time making it because he was running out of black wool, and even tougher time explaining to people that it’s actually a Tetris beanie.

Tetris Braintris Hoodie


Low Rez has come up with a brilliant idea to show off his geeky brain in the form of Tetris bricks. The Braintris hoodie is just so cool that it made my brain all blocked up.

Tetris Dress


The beautiful Tetris dresses from Zidisha Luxe are to empower girls with sexiness and geekiness to triumph guys in the video game world. The dress is custom made in different designs: a one-shoulder, a strapless or a tank top.

Tetris Dress II


Few more designs and we can see that Tetris dresses are trending. Created by Erin from A Dress a Day, this beautiful Tetris dress will guarantee you a second look from anyone passing by.

Tetris Tie


This Tetris tie, available at $24.98, will add a playful touch to your rigid executive look and light up your monotonous days at work.

Heartris Tattoo


Getting a Tetris tattoo in the shape of a heart is probably the strongest thing one can do to show his/her love for Tetris. Heartris, as the tattoo is called, was designed by ThinnyBear with the quadruplet bricks falling to make a perfect geometrical heart shape.

I Heart Tetris Tattoo


Amy’s Tetris tattoo design might be different from the Heartris tattoo above but the message is the same: I Heart Tetris, so much that I can tattoo it on my skin to keep it with me for the rest of my life.

Tetris Bricks Tattoo


Solveeeiq must love Tetris a lot to take the pain to get a whole arm tattoo that resembles the classic video game. The Tetris tattoo is amazingly real with assembling bricks on the wrist and falling bricks from the elbow.

3D Tetris Head Design


Rihards Rozans’ 3D digital human head is a proof that those geeky Tetris blocks when used by creative minds can turn into mind-blowing art.

Canned Tetris Art


It’s terrifying to realize that we are living in an era when we can get almost everything we want in cans, even the classic video game that we all play and love. Created by some of the Tetris crazed architects at the Smith group of architects, this canned Tetris art is a real life replica of a screen shot of the Tetris game.

Tetris Origami


Smugmug user qiaochang has put together her love for Tetris and Origami to make the Soma Cube in the most beautiful way. In case you are wondering, a Soma Cube is a dissection puzzle where you have to assemble seven pieces of Tetris into a 3x3x3 cube.

Tetris Subway Stations


France does not only have Paris and romance, it can be quiet cool also. For example, a town in France has all its subway stations adorned with Tetris art.

Giant Tetris Blocks


This is Australia’s answer to the France’s Tetris blocks above. Giant Tetris blocks, suspended in the narrow corridors of Abercrombie Lane as part of an out-door art exhibition in Sydney, made every spectator awe-struck.

in black and white background with Tetris blocks designed on the straps and some blocks elegantly designed even on the dial, giving it an edge