The Interview to release on YouTube Movies & Google Play

The Sony-North Korea situation had been escalating non-stop on the last few days, but in the end, it turns out the movie will see the light of day. At least, digitally.

The Interview 1

In the end, it seems the James Franco & Seth Rogen movie (which depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Yong-un) will see the light of day, despite the threats, hacks and reveals Sony Pictures was threatened with. Sony has been working since last Wednesday, Google amongst them, to see if they could end up being a viable outlet for the movie, at least online. Turns out, Google and Sony agreed: they couldn’t stand on the side while a foreign country told them what was okay and what wasn’t okay to watch.

At 10 a.m. PST in the U.S., Google Play and YouTube Movies users will get to stick it to the oppressors by watching The Interview. Thing is, no one knows whether this movie is good at all. Will you be watching it?

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