16 Extremely Festive Christmas Tattoos

Some people love Christmas, snow and winter so much they just have to leave a permanent mark on their body for the world to see their love for snowy holidays through a tattoo or two.

Santa Yoda

Santa Yoda

Ho ho ho can’t be mixed up, not even by this Jedi Master.

Grinch Tattoo

Grinch for Christmas

Looking even grumpier than usual.

For Die Hard Fans

Die Hard Tattoo

A surprise for Hans.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before Christmas tattoo

Love (and death) are in the air.

A Bad Santa

A Bad Santa

Even the criminal Santa at some point is filled with the holiday spirit.

Lampoon Christmas

Lampoon Christmas

Random Xmas Stuff


Derp face from Rudolph.

Christmas Tree & Gifts

Cool Snowman


I guess some people really love the holiday. And reindeers.

Small tree tattoo

Snow flake tattoo

Believe it or not, but not everyone gets to see snow on Christmas.

Shoulder Santa


Santa Tattoo


Feels cold just looking at it.

Bulldog Xmas Tattoo

Dogs make everything better.

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