The Most Epic Star Wars Audio Book Covers

The experience of reading a Star Wars book is far from that of watching the Star Wars movies, in most cases.  Reading about the Star Wars universe just doesn’t bring back the rush you felt when the Millenium Falcon was dodging tie-fighters and destroying dozens of the Empire’s forces. While the movies are out of production, at least until George Lucas dies and someone else takes over who will be bribed into making more movies, you can have the next best thing with Star Wars audio books.

You might be thinking, “why on earth would I pay extra money for an audio book when I could just read it out loud myself?”  The answer to your question is, “you are a terrible voice actor, and there’s no way you could read out loud for six hours.”  With Star Wars audio books, you get everything except the visual aspect!  See, that’s where this thing called “imagination” comes in …

Star Wars Fate of The Jedi: Vortex Audio Book

vortex star wars

This Star Wars audio book, written by Troy Denning and performed by Marc Thomspon, has an amazing cover.  I love the futuristic look that the Vortex atwork has given the buildings in its background, though some may argue that they look like giant lipstick tubes.

In addition to the appealing lipstick tubes, I really enjoy the fact that the wrinkly version of Han Solo is holding the pistol sideways.  For those of you who have seen the  movie “Date Night,” you know that he’s going for the kill shot.  Steve Carrell is the man, no doubt.

Star Wars: In The Shadows Audio Book

in the shadows audio book

Star Wars: In The Shadows, by Dany Pepin, is technically not an audio book.  It has, in fact, been deemed an audio drama.  It has also been deemed, by me, that none of you really care about the difference between an audio book and an audio drama.  What you do care about is the “Star Wars” portion.  I get it – no worries.  Regardless, In The Shadows has an intense cover which really ties into its title, with the shadows accentuating an awesome blinding blue light.

The Crimson Empire Star Wars Audio Book

crimson empire star wars audio book

This Star Wars audio book, by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, is cooler than the average audio book.  Why?  Simply because it has an entire cast performing the book.  So, instead of listening to the same voice actor attempt to sound like everyone in the entire book, you have people playing their own parts.  (I have to say, some of the voice actors I have heard can actually pull off being every character in an audio book.  It’s relatively scary, actually.)

The Crimson Empire Star Wars audio book has a cover which is more frightening than it is aesthetically appealing.  Complete with fiery background, shrouded faces, and glowing red eyes, is nothing other than a depiction of some classic Star Wars “bad guys.”

Star Wars: Death Troopers Audio Book

death troopers audio book

The Star Wars: Death Troopers audio book, written by Joe Schreiber and read by Sean Kenin, is one of the bloodiest Star Wars products I have ever seen.  In fact, I can’t think of a single Star Wars video game or movie where gore and blood is depicted.  (Maybe I’m just below average at thinking.)  The cover of Death Troopers makes the audio book seem like a horror-styled version of Star Wars, as opposed to the general format of the original movies and books.  Also, what on earth are the metal hooks for?  I suppose we’ll have to buy the audio book to find out – there goes my measly monthly earnings.

Star Wars: The Approaching Storm Audio Book

the approaching storm star wars audiobook

Star Wars: The Approaching Storm was written by Alan Dean Foster and is performed by Alexander Adams.  Honestly, this Star Wars audio book cover is just plain strange.  If you didn’t notice, there’s an androgynous creature with racing stripes on its chin hovering in the background.  I’ve just got to throw that out there.

KOTR: Deceived Audio Book

darth malak audiobook

For those of you who are unaware of the acronym KOTR, you really need to visit GameStop at least once in every ten years.  KOTR stands for Knights of The Old Republic, and it is perhaps the best Star Wars video game series ever created.  Star Wars KOTR: Deceived, written by Paul S. Kemp and read by Marc Thompson, is based on this amazing video game series.

The cover of this Star Wars audio book features an extremely old and withered Darth Malak, complete with destruction and smoke in the backdrop.  Score one for the dark side of the force!

Star Wars: Tales of The Jedi Audio Book

jedi star wars audiobook

This Star Wars audio book cover is appealing because of the old-fashioned way in which the artists decided to put it together.  While it may seem a bit pixelated, upon closer inspection it is obvious that this is just the way that the authors created it.  Also, you have to enjoy the jedi in the middle of those random protruding hands – he looks like a typical Super Street Fighter IV character.  Tales of The Jedi was written by Tom Veitch and read by an entire slew of people.

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