Kinectshop Will Be Next Generation Shopping Experience

Microsoft knew what it had when it first released their Kinect gaming system last winter.  They knew that in the long run the Kinect would be much more than a gaming platform and lately it appears they are doing all they can to make the system realize its potential.

Augmented reality is another technology that has been something that could be used for more than just the entertainment side of things.  Sony’s SmartAR is one way that the technology can be used for more than just gaming and fun.  The Microsoft Kinect is leading the way with finding new uses for this kind of technology and amid rumors that the Kinect is going to have interactive advertisements popping up on its platform  soon there appears to be even more uses coming.

This new augmented reality platform, being called the Kinectshop will actually allows Kinect users to integrate true 3D in an ability to try on different pieces of clothing without actually trying anything on.  The Xbox Kinect’s new finger recognition technology will allow people to choose almost anything off a virtual shelf and the software will then basically show you a reflection in the software of what the clothes and accessories you have picked out will look like on you.  The ability of this particular software seems to be darn near limitless as the tech can trace quite a few aspects of the body.  The tech seems to work so well in the video we’ve included that you can actually spin and move in the clothes like you would in the department store fitting room.

Of course there are still a few bugs when it comes to the Kinectshop, and not everything will look quite as smooth as what was demoed in the video, but the bottom line is that Kinectshop may change the face of shopping.  Whether or not retail stores embrace this kind of technology could determine how successful they become.  Imagine a store like Target or Walmart or Younkers offering up their entire line of clothing to be viewed and tried on via Xbox Kinect.  Smaller chains could make themselves even more popular using this tech in order to show off their newest looks.  The Kinectshop has the potential to truly revolutionize the retail clothes industry.

Check out the video demoing this new software.