The Nexus 9 tablet can now be bought at the Play Store

After a successful pre-ordering period, the first Nexus 9 tablets are shipping. Users interested in it can get theirs now at Google’s very own Play Store.

Nexus 9

Our first taste of the upcoming Android OS, Lollipop, comes via the Nexus 9, Google’s latest tablet offering which is now available at the Google Play Store and Best Buy, amongst others. While some colors are still out of stock, but the available models in the more traditional black and white offerings are ready to ship. They cost $400-$480 for the 16GB and 32GB versions respectively. Furthermore, the shipping seems to be really quick this time around, and Google claims the shipping to be 1-2 days at most. The Nexus Player, Google’s other big offering for the season, has also gone on sale but is quite harder to find as of now. Keep an eye open for those if you’re interested, as they seem to be selling out pretty quickly.

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