The Internet Arcade: arcade classics come back in your browser

Because it wasn’t hard enough to get lost on the internet and get nothing done, here’s a new way to procrastinate: replaying arcade classics from the 80s.


The America of the 80s had a thing for arcades, and most of us who grew up around then will remember classics like Pooyan, Donkey Kong or OutRun very fondly. But because the present is always better, now you can relive those classics from pretty much any computer in the world, no matter how good or bad (remember, these are games from the 80s! Some of them had a palette of 4 colors total!). The only thing you have to do is visit The Internet Arcade, a website that fires up the original roms of over 900 classic arcade games in most browsers. The site even simulates the quarter popping part of the experience and has you hit 5 to feed the machine quarters.

So, if you’re ready to go back to the past, be sure to give them a visit. But don’t blame us once you realize you haven’t gotten any work done today, that’s on you.

Via Geekologie

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