The Star Wars R2-D2 Self-propelled Fridge

We have seen many amazing gadgets and merchandising in the year of Star Wars, but few look as amazing as this R2-D2 fridge does. 

R2-D2 Fridge

R2-D2 has inspired a lot of cool things such as Talking R2-D2 Figures, R2-D2 USB chargers for our cars, R2-D2 DVD Projectors and even R2-D2 LED alarm clocks, but this is the first time we see such a cool twist (pun intended) on its design, as some Japanese inventors decided to turn it into a walking fridge. Meet AQUA, a product by Haier Asia, which is a fridge inspired by the likeness of Star Wars’ R2-D2 that also has the ability to self-propel. This fantastic prop was first announced in June, and is undergoing a reservation phase before it comes out in December at a price of ¥ 998,000 without tax (a bit above $8000 USD for us westerners). This might initially sound expensive, and don’t get us wrong, it truly is, but that is the price of having R2-D2 following you around and dispensing beverages or food for you wherever you are – and for such a novelty treat, it is just really, really cool.

R2-D2 Fridge 2

AQUA is a complete replica of R2-D2 in life-like size, just as you know him from the original trilogy and prequel Star Wars films, and although it is far from being the first self-propelled refrigerator we’ve talked about, it definitely is the geekiest one we’ve seen, what with the Star Wars theme and all. Regardless, it’s a fridge especially prepared for drinks, and if it can hold drinks inside, you could show up on the day Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens premieres, pretend it is a prop and not pay for the movie theater’s over-priced drinks. Take that, system, who’s the Rebel now? This droid comes with a small projector its head which you can use to reproduce video via Wi-Fi from any Android device (well, R2 is an Android himself, so of course he’d be compatible!) so you could also record a message for your very own Obi-Wan or Princess Leia – you like who you like, we are not judging.

R2-D2 Fridge 3

Let’s get technical for a minute: the AQUA has a body size of 650 × 620 × 950mm while weighing about 55kg – that is, if it’s empty. The body exterior is made out of ABS resin, with a stainless steel skeleton underneath and zinc die-cast for extra durability.

R2-D2 Fridge 4

It can fit some 6 350ml cans simultaneously while keeping their temperature at some 7 ± 3 degrees (with ambient temperature being around 25 degrees), so it’s not the most powerful or efficient fridge in the world, but this is all about the novelty. Furthermore, it would be kind of unrealistic to expect a powerful fridge running around you, wouldn’t it? You can see R2-D2 in action in video form right below these lines, when it was introduced to cheering audiences.

Via: Engadget Japan

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