Tstand Is a Tablet Stand Designed for Binge-Watching

Finding the ultimate stand for your tablet could turn out rather difficult, as it would have to be light and comfortable to use both in bed and on a desk. Tstand addresses this issues, and more.

In addition to being usable in various environments, a great tablet stand would also have to be universal. Surface ID, the Montreal-based developing company that designed the Tstand, made sure that the product is adaptive, being capable to accommodate tablets with a screen diagonal ranging between 7 and 13 inches.

“We love the possibilities that smart tablets have given us, but unfortunately they are designed for their awesome screens, good looks, and computing power, but not for the way we have to hold them,” explained Sean Kieley, the founder of Surface ID.

Tstand’s design enables users to correct bad posture, and does away with neck, elbow, and back pain pain, in the process. This goes both for users to watch movies in bed and the ones who want to keep the tablet at eye-level when working at their desk. Besides a terrible posture, some other medical problems that could be avoided by using Tstand include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendinitis, and arthritis.

If you enjoy streaming movies or Skyping on your tablet in bed or while sitting at a desk, the Tstand can definitely make all that a lot less tiresome. After all, Tstand only weighs a pound, which means that you’d barely feel it while holding it on your chest. Not to mention that in the meantime you can do other things, without having to hold the tablet in your hands at all times.

While I don’t entirely agree with letting small kids use tablets, the Tstand could prove useful for them, too. With the tablet docked in the stand, they have both of their hands free, and can tap whatever appears on the display. There are plenty of iOS and Android apps for youngsters out there, so in the end it might not be that bad of an idea to let them use the tablet in tandem with the Tstand. On top of that, this stand holds the tablet securely, so you don’t have to worry about the kid dropping it on hard surfaces.

The developers of the Tstand have turned to Kickstarter to get their project funded. The campaign proved to be a major success, as at the time of writing pledges were north of $58,000, more than 5 times the $10,000 funding goal. Super early birds had the chance to secure a Tstand for themselves for $32, while early birds can still back the project with $37 to get a stand in December 2015. Regular backers wanting to get their mittens on the Tstand will have to pledge $49 or more. Assuming that nothing goes wrong by the end of the campaign, backers should expect to receive their stands in December 2015, just in time for some holiday binge-watching. Considering the success of this crowdfunding campaign, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind if Surface ID added some stretch goals.

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