PlayStation Experience 2015 Rumors, News & Predictions!

The PlayStation Experience 2015 is happening in December, and the company will attempt to show the world why it is the best selling console this generation. What will they show exactly, no one knows, but here are a few predictions (some bolder than others) that we wanted to share with you.

PlayStation Experience 2015 rumors 1


The PlayStation 4 has become an incredible success ever since its release in late 2013, and ever since then it has become one of the fastest selling consoles in history with its closest competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U lagging behind by an ample margin. It would seem the PlayStation team wants to top off a fantastic year with many announcements, releases and features in their exclusive event, the PlayStation Experience, and these are some of the things we imagine they will talk about, showcase or mention.

Uncharted 4

PlayStation Experience 2015 rumors Uncharted 4 1

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is probably the most awaited PS4 game right now, and after seeing what a great reception Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection had, we imagine fans are more hyped than ever. Developers Naughty Dog have a history of creating hit after hit for its parent company, and there is no reason to think Uncharted 4 will be any less than that. Our prediction is a new, playable demo along with a new trailer to complement what we have already seen.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation Experience 2015 rumors PlayStation VR 1

We are calling it: 2016 is going to be the year where virtual reality finally explodes, and PlayStation would have to be out of its mind to stay out of it when they already have PlayStation VR in a working state and a plethora of games to showcase it. Thanks to games like London Heist, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Dreams and many other games of all kinds, we predict a big portion of the show being dedicated to this.

Dark Souls 3

PlayStation Experience 2015 Dark Souls 3

PlayStation has shown its Japanese developers a lot of love throughout the ages, and now that the year is so close to ending, we can safely call BloodBorne the PS4’s most spectacular exclusive, the one that makes buying the console worth it. Riding on this success, the PlayStation team would be clever in giving a central spot to the upcoming Dark Souls III, the next game by From Software, and even announce some kind of exclusive content to go along with it.

Street Fighter V

PlayStation Experience 2015 rumors Street Fighter V

Capcom announced a while ago that the next entry in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter V, was going to be a PS4 and PC exclusive releasing in 2016. Being that this game is one of the most played games competitively, especially by the hardcore and competitive crew, we expect it to be a big presence. Also, producer Yoshinori Ono has been travelling the world just like a street fighter himself, so this would only be fitting with his convention schedule so far.

We have more predictions in the form of indie games, Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge, and many more, but first, we want to hear your opinions. Sound off in the comments section below!

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