The SuperTooth HD-VOICE – In Car Speakerphone

Talking on your cellphone while driving can be dangerous. Your attention goes on operating the phone and pressing the buttons instead of keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, and that’s why having a great speakerphone gadget is so important: so you’ll be concentrated and focused while you drive and not distracted.

There are a lot of products available for this purpose but not all of them do a good job. We’ve tested the SuperTooth HD-VOICE and, we’re glad to report, just loved it. The bottom line is that this is a great car gadget.

SuperTooth HD-VOICE 1

The SuperTooth HD is a Bluetooth car speakerphone that links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving.

We especially loved 4 things, the SuperTooth HD-VOICE, which identifies the phone quickly (Pairing using a bluetooth connection), the device having big buttons – so it’s easy to press them, and you just can’t miss them while driving, it’s easy to turn volume higher \ lower, and the coolest feature of them all: it has a voice feedback (e.g. “connected to phone”) and voice commands. When you have an incoming call, the SuperTooth HD VOICE says the name of the caller, and you just say “OK” to pick up the call. The SuperTooth HD VOICE also indicates the battery level and connection status, and announces GPS instructions from your smartphone.

The SuperTooth HD-VOICE holds more nifty features such as a Twin Speaker V Array Technology ® for enhanced audio power, Voice dialling,Redial command , Dual noise canceller ( DSP ),Multi-languages (12 languages)  and many more features. With a price tag of 79 Euros ( around $100) it is a super affordable car gadget and can be a great gift for your friends and family.

The device weights 112 grams,135 grams (with metal clip), and takes 3 hours to fully charge the speakerphones Lithium-Ion battery, which should give you around 20 hours of talk and 1000 hours of stand by.

SuperTooth HD-VOICE

The SuperTooth HD doesn’t require any installation, and is super easy to use: just place the clip on your car’s sun visor and snap the device on (it attaches using a magnet). and that’s pretty much it. you are ready to talk!

SuperTooth HD-VOICE 2