The Ultimate Google Glass FAQ

Curious about Google Glass? It seems you’re not alone as Google have just released the official Google Glass FAQ and we’ve got the most important answers here.

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First thing’s first, here’s what we know so far : Google Glass is a piece of wearable tech that lets us take pictures, record videos, post things to our Google Plus or Twitter accounts and we can even control it via voice command. Google Glass will also let us download apps and allow us to see the world with the help of some of the most advanced technology ever designed. What we don’t know is the Google Glass release date, what else it can do nor do we know just how far it goes in terms of affecting our world. However, with this list of official questions and answers right from Google themselves, we can help to clear some of that up.

For one, we know that Google Glass is “certainly not augmented reality”, according to Google and that the Glass screen is “inactive by default”. So as they also stated that Glass is a “hands-free device that’s on only when you need it and off when you don’t”, you can bet your bottom dollar that Google Glass will switch on and off via voice command.

Secondly, we now know some more of what Google Glass can do. The updated list of features now includes “Search, Navigation, Gmail and Calendar, Now cards, Phone Calls & SMS, Photos, Videos and Video calls”. ‘Now cards’ are what Google is calling Glass’ integration with Google Now, another Google service that “is about giving you just the right information at just the right time”. As for phone-calls and SMS messaging, Google Glass itself isn’t its own phone device, but it will sync up to your via Bluetooth, to allow for hands-free calling, which, in itself, is a pretty handy feature. Also, Google Glass will be updated by Google every month to make it “more awesome”.

Other gems include the fact that the Google Glass screen looks “a lot like a 25 inch color TV floating about 8 feet in front of you”, it will include “a little over 16 GB of available flash memory” and for those who wear prescription glasses who are worried about having to switch between two or more pieces of eyewear, Google say that their team are “currently working on frames that will allow you to add prescription lenses to Glass”, which is good news.

In terms of privacy, Google had this to say about their gadget, that the “device’s screen is illuminated whenever it’s in use, and that applies to taking a picture or recording a video”. Video will also only be recordable for up to 45 minutes (its default is 10 seconds worth of video recording) as Google say that if you’re in the market for a video recording device, “Glass simply is not one of them”.

As for a release date, Google are saying that their goal “is to make Glass available to a wider group of Explorers later this year, with even broader availability next year”, but that it’s “only available in the US” and that they are only “focused on that market right now”. So, from the sounds of it, Google Glass fans outside of the United States of America might have to wait a while to get their hands on it.

Those are the top picks from Google’s official FAQ but visit the link below to read the best of the rest.

Source : Google

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