Secret Google Glass Sensors to Allow Alternate Reality Apps

It’s the gadget with a camera, voice control and apps that let us do everything hands free, and now, Google Glass is going to have alternative reality tech.

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When Google first announced Google Glass, its first wearable technology project that sees people wearing futuristic head goggles (pictured above) interacting with the world, hands-free, there was a lot of speculation about what it would actually let us do. But now, we know that it will have a camera, voice-control, and apps for things such as Twitter, but what if, secretly, hidden within Google Glass’ hardware, was the ability to make the world your plaything?

Enter : Google Glass’ alternate reality capabilities. When Google gave out devices to use regular humans (and some plucky developers), it was no surprise that people would start tinkering around and one person lucky enough to get their hands on a headset, Programmer Lance Nanek, uncovered these Google Glass sensors, a list that Google has kept hidden from the masses.

  • MPL Gyroscope
  • MPL Accelerometer
  • MPL Magnetic Field
  • MPL Orientation
  • MPL Rotation Vector
  • MPL Linear Acceleration
  • MPL Gravity
  • LTR-506ALS Light sensor
  • Rotation Vector Sensor
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Linear Acceleration Sensor
  • Orientation Sensor
  • Corrected Gyroscope Sensor

What this means is that developers, should they wish to, can use Google Glass’ hidden hardware to create large-scale alternate reality games, which means that they’ll be able to set tasks and track progress, all in the name of fun.

One way they could do this ism for example, is by setting a task that the user must jump up and down on the spot. Using the gravity sensor, the device would be able to track the wearer’s movement, confirming that they had completed the task at hand, before rewarding them points for doing it.

Also, depending on what else Google Glass allows for, those same developers could make their AR app overlay some sort of interface, making the the world look like high-tech grid or tech play-world, in which interacting with it in a certain way sees the player win or excel at the game.

We’ll have to wait for Google to officially confirm the new list of uncovered specs but one thing you can count is that devs will most definitely take full advantage of these features.

Source : NeatoCode Techniques

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