Get your Game of Thrones Minifigs While Supplies Last

What better way to epitomize your love for GoT than by adding them to your Lego collection?

GOT Minifigs

Etsy seller MINIFIGS posted a pre-ordering promo for those who want to get their hands on these limited edition custom-made Game of Thrones memorabilia. According to their Etsy page, shipping starts in August, and that there are only about 80 complete sets available. Each Minifig retails for about $15.00, and a complete set of five costs $75.

Included in the custom-made collection are Jon Snow, dressed as a brother of the Night’s Watch, as well as his father, the late Eddard Stark, bearing the sigil of the King’s Hand.

Another favorite character added into the mix is the Mother of Dragons, Danaerys Targaryen, with her platinum blonde hair and a dragon figure perched on her arm. You can also find a Minifig representation of Underfoot, also known as Arya Stark, the feisty little girl who bears the sword named Needle.

And of course, don’t forget the show’s popular little villain, and my personal favorite character, Tyrion Lannister, also going by the monicker of The Imp. Here the Minifig’s legs were purposely made to be shorter than normal. He holds a goblet that represents his love of drinking. I wish they made him more accurate by adding that scar he got during the Battle of Blackwater.

MINIFIGS has collaborated with Citizen Brick to come up with this one-of-a-kind collection. Each Game of Thrones character was hand painted and used as a template for printing on actual Lego pieces. According to the seller, each design is permanent, and won’t peel off or smudge. These Minifigs are also 100% compatible with regular Lego bricks.  Now you can make your own Minifig videos or dioramas while reenacting memorable scenes from GoT.

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Via Neatorama