Thea Hundehiet: Claustrophobic but Safe Enclosure for Pets

There is something strangely claustrophobic about the The Hundehiet, which are “Dog Dens”, when translated into English from Norwegian.

They have been designed to make sure that you don’t have to leave your dogs or cats inside the car when you shop at the mall or at a grocery store. Most of us have encountered a situation where we leave our pets inside the car thinking it would be just a couple of minutes. However, changes in weather, lack of oxygen and other conditions within the car may pose mortal threat to your pets. Therefore, it is never advisable to leave the in the car alone when you leave your car even for just a short while. Moreover, it is not a good idea to leave your dog or cat outside either, as they can easily be stolen.

Perhaps the The Hundehiet is the closest that we can get to a safe zone in public places, created just for pets. The The Hundehiet seems to be an enclosure where the dog or the cat can cool its heels in relative safety until you finish your errands. It is not clear what sort of comfort the pet would receive and what amenities the enclosure offers. Nevertheless, it looks like no one can steal your pet and there would be enough ventilation for the pet to remain fresh and healthy.

It costs about $1.72 to rent the space for a while, when you shop at the mall or grocery store. It is not clear who would chaperone the pets until the owner returns, and what happens if the pets feel a little too claustrophobic. Perhaps some safety is better than no safety at all! In order to quell the gloom sparked by this claustrophobic enclosure, you could take a look at 15 Pet Home Designs that we had listed sometime back. These are some of the most modern and luxurious pet homes that your cat or dog can wish for.