15 Unique Pet Home Designs

Creativity in this world isn’t only spent on paintings, video games, music, sculptures and landscaping. There are enough people who think that animals actually give a damn about how their house looks like. As with everything, people’s own vanity combined with their love for Dogs, cats and even fish creates some creative looking homes for their pets.

Luxury Dog Housing

Dogs aren’t spoiled creatures. It takes an owner like Paris Hilton to make them that way. Whether it carries on to the next generation or not, we don’t know. If so, we’re going to see more and more of these Luxury-type Estate dog houses.


As we’ve mentioned, not all dogs need a mansion with two butlers in it. Living under the night lamp or the TV is just fine by these muts.

Mobile Home

So your dog doesn’t feel confined to geography, let him feel like he can take his home anywhere. A recipe for better living for your pet, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Cats Under Plants

Cats are evil. It is known (five points for those who recognize the line). Putting them under plants calms that mischievous nature of theirs. Highly recommended for guys with girlfriends who care more for the well being of their pet.

Rubix Cube House

If you want your pet to grow up and be a problem solver one day, this is the house for you.

The Watcher on the Lighthouse

For those pets with marine affiliation in their heart, living in a lighthouse and thinking you’re in ancient Alexandria or something, the lighthouse design is the perfect one.

Log Cabin

More Homes for Evil Cats

Cats love living in Ghetto Blasters. It is known.

And For Those Who Consider Fish as Pet

Just to mess with the heads of people visiting you who’ll be pretty sure this aquarium is going to fall any minute. I don’t the fish actually notices anything is wrong.

And Last but not least, I dunno if this was made by some Dr. Who fan, Superman fan or just someone who likes spending his time in Phone booths. Either way, he figured it’s a good place to put some fish in. Looks awesome. Crazy, but awesome.