Top 10 Things to do During an Internet Blackout

With the lingering effects of online scams still around us, the FBIs proposed fix for the problem may leave many without the internet. But don’t fear if your internet is shut off, there is still lots to do!

Doomsday is upon us, well, internet doomsday. On July 9 of this year, the FBI is set to pull the plug on more than 350,000 virus-infected machines, causing an internet blackout for many web users throughout the United States and United Kingdom. These PC users have machines that are infected with an undetectable, invisible Trojan computer virus known as “DNSChanger.” While the FBI currently has “surrogate servers” running to keep all PCs working, it is becoming so expensive that the FBI has decided to just pull the plug entirely. One of the reasons this malware is so effective is because it is able to block the infected users from visiting any secure websites that could aid in getting rid of the worm. If there is no viable solution by July 9, many – from single individuals to Fortune 500 companies, may find that their computer is unable to connect to the internet. Gizmodo provides information about how individuals can go about cleaning their computers.

For those that wake up early Monday morning with a cup of hot coffee in hand gearing up to read the morning news on your favorite website, only to find the internet is down, I have provided some great alternatives to the internet!

Go to the Library and Take out a Book


As my mom always said, “Bored? Go read a book!” And she is right. If you are bored, dust off your library card and head on over to take out a book. Reading is power, and it won’t hurt your eyes like starting at a computer screen will.

Play Single Player Mode Videogames

Without the internet how am I going to play Mass Effect with PrincePorcupine54 without the internet? Oh no! I am going to be so behind!! Wait, deep cleansing breaths. Take the time of no internet to get back to the basics with single player videogames.

Create Your Own Internet

Be your own Wikipedia or YouTube. If you want to know something, look it up in an encyclopedia or dictionary. (Yes, those big books collecting dust on the shelves.) Create funny YouTube videos that you have seen on the internet. Or better yet, create some that you can put online later.

Clean out your Kitchen Cupboards

With the hustle and bustle of life, you may not see that in the back of your kitchen cupboards you have five half opened bags of flour or enough canned goods to feed a small army. Take some time and take inventory of all your food. Keep what you want, donate the rest to a food bank, but jeez, clean it out already. You are a slob, a big slob! (Sorry, talking about myself there. I found three half used containers of cocoa powder and I am about the go on a chocolate cake making binge.)

Saddle up with your Loved One (or Cuddle your Cat) on the Couch

If you are like me, your DVR is full of random shows you just “don’t have time” to watch, mainly because playing on the internet is much more important. Now is a perfect time to clean out the DVR cache and catch up on your favorite shows. (Wait, Lost ended how….???? I am so behind.)

Learn a New Skill

Have you ever wanted to speak French? Know how to crochet a blanket? Throw an axe? Kickbox a person into submission? Well, when there is no internet, now is a great time to head on over, buy a “For Dummies” book and look into trying out a new skill.

Throw a Dinner Party

Nothing takes up more time than planning a menu, going food shopping, and cooking a big meal for friends and family. Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing them enjoy the food. For those wondering how to get recipes before the days of the internet, there are things called “cookbooks” – look them up…in the library.

Write a Real Letter

Oh, the (dying) art of letter writing. Can you remember the last time you actually took the time to sit down and write an email, address an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mail it out? Email is just so much easier (not to mention free) that we forget what it is like to receive a real letter – the fun and excitement of opening it up and seeing what it is inside! Take the time to write a letter to a family member or a friend and just say, “Hey, the internet is down and I thought of writing an actual letter.” The humor will not go unnoticed and the recipient will enjoy it. (By the way, do you even remember what your handwriting looks like anymore?)

Call Someone on the Phone

Rather than having a conversation via Gchat, Skype, MSN, Facebook, or any other messaging service, actually call someone up on the phone. Hear their voice, have a real conversation. Not only will you avoid silly emoticons, but you can actually understand what someone is saying by their inflection in the way that they speak.

Go Outside and Get some Fresh Air

It’s a nice day, take a walk! In 2009, the Harris Interactive Poll noted that, on average, people spend a minimum of 13 hours a week on the internet, and that is not counting people who use the internet for a living. This number has surely grown over the years since then. Stop staring at the computer screen and straining your eyes, go outside and enjoy the fresh air!