The JoeyBra Allows Women to Ditch their Purses and Bags

Is that a phone in your bra or are you just happy to see me. New bra idea provides opportunity for women to carry what they need without using a purse.

We have all witnessed our grandmothers going out to pay for something and then they stick their hand down into their cleavage to pull out a 20-spot. Aside from being minutely embarrassed that our grandmothers are sticking their hand into their bra, we also wonder if that can be comfortable. Now there is a new bra where form meets function as there are actually pockets to carry identification cards, money, and even a phone in the bra so women do not have to carry big, bulky purses.

Known as the JoeyBra, it is currently crowdfunded through the website Kickstarter. This bra is the brainchild of two students hailing from the University of Washington, Mariah and Kyle, who surveyed 200 women and found that 95 percent of them always wondered where to put their belongings while going out to a club or a party where a purse is too much to keep track of. No woman wants to leave it hanging around somewhere while they go on the dance floor because it could get stolen. And if a dress does not have pockets, women often resort to clutching everything in their hands or trying to hide it all discreetly down the front of their bra. But any woman will tell you that this is not very comfortable. The pockets are located on the side of the bra and maintain a very low profile without changing the shape or the fit of the bra. And for women who are worried that it will resemble a bra their mother’s wear, do not worry because these pushup bras comes with a bit of lace and color, allowing women to still feel sexy. Current bra types include normal, convertible, and strapless.

Here is how easy it is to use:

The bra currently has 110 backers and is more than $1,000 over their $4,000 with just under three weeks to go. The minimum amount to back this product is $1. If you are a woman looking for a bit of class and comfort mixed with function, check out the JoeyBra.

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