Yarrr! Be a Literary Pirate with a LEGO Typewriter

There are plenty of amazing LEGO creations out there, but some of the best are the ones that could pass for the item they represent, like this LEGO typewriter. From what it appears in these images, the typewriter is composed entirely of LEGO bricks without any added parts from outside the sets. Like some of the best examples, you can see how simple most of it looks when you peer closer at what it’s composed of, but the overall effect is that of a complex piece of machinery. The keys are so well done, complete with lettering, that they really do look like they’ll function when pressed down. It’s impossible to tell whether the keys actually do function, something which would make it even more impressive, but since LEGO doesn’t exactly make any ink ribbons, we can at least assume it won’t print text. That’s a minor issue, since something like this works best as a sculpture anyway rather than something you’ll type a best-selling novel on.

Close-up, you can see lots of fun little details as well. As you can see from the tridents and octopus used to decorate the face of the slick typewriter, it has a sort of nautical/pirate theme, quite timely given that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. No word on if there’s a Type Like a Pirate Day. Along those lines, though, perhaps the coolest addition to this typewriter is the “paper” that’s fed into it. It’s not just a piece of paper with a Jolly Roger printed on it; that’s one of the fabric sails from a LEGO pirate set, further showing how all that you see is LEGO.

LEGO Pirate Typewriter and Sextant

The typewriter was constructed by Matt Armstrong, aka monsterbrick, who creates plenty of great LEGO works both large and small. On the smaller end, and fitting with the nautical theme of his typewriter, he’s also created a model of a sextant, an early navigational tool which still finds use today. The black and yellow creation, much like the typewriter, is a great blend of simple pieces being combined into a complex-looking structure. For more great LEGO creations, enjoy this re-creation of the Emperor’s Arrival from Return of the Jedi or this LEGO Batcave Diorama.