Amigurumi Firefly Characters

While Firefly was never a huge success when it first aired, it gathered a loyal cult following, and still today it is remembered as a show Geeks swear by. As another great crochet tribute, artist Smapte created some awesome Amigurumi Firefly characters which you could easily pick your favorite from.

firefly serenity amigurumi 1

amigurumi firefly mal duster

amigurumi firefly jayne hat

amigurumi firefly inara

firefly serenity amigurumi 2

amigurumi firefly kalyee

amigurumi firefly river

amigurumi firefly simon tam

Additional Amigurumi Geeks may enjoy include the Comic Book Superheroes Amigurumi or the Star Trek Spock version.

amigurumi firefly shepherd

amigurumi firefly zoe

amigurumi firefly wash

Just like the Star Trek TNG Crochet Smapte made, this is also a huge ensemble. All the Firefly characters created include Mal, River, Jayne, Zoe, Inara, Wash, Kalyee, Simon Tam and Shepard. It is a wonderful presentation for geeks to fall in love with, and one could only hope these will be available to collect as well.